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Canoe Prow, Northern New Ireland & Canoe Prow Ornament, Solomon Islands.pdf
Wood, inlaid, Kesoko, ocean, sea, spirit, Musumusu, Nguzunguzu, pearl shell, pigment, indigenous materials

Ceremonial Board, Papua New Guinea & Yipwon Spirit Figure, Papua New Guinea.pdf
Abstract, Figure, Sacrifice, Ancestors, Spirits, Impermanence

Standing Figure (Totok), New Ireland & Malangan Figure, New Ireland.pdf
Malangan, New Ireland, Wood Carving, Painting Motifs, Spirituality, Destruction, Ceremony

Dance Headdress, New Britain & Mask, New Britain.pdf
Dance, Mask, Headdress, Community, Change, Tradition, Cultural Exchange

Pigment Dish, Papua New Guinea & Bowl, Admiralty Islands.pdf
Papua New Guinea, Sepik River, Admiralty Islands, Wood, Dish, Bowl, Ceremonial

Currency Roll, Santa Cruz & Flute, Vanuatu.pdf
Indigenous commerce, trading, specialization, ethnic groups

Skull Rack, New Guinea & Neck Ornament, Admiralty Islands.pdf
Headhunting, Clans, Cults, Masculinity, War, Individualism, Glass Beads, Skulls, Wood, Feathers, War Charm, Life Cycle, Fertility

Mask, New Ireland & Mask, New Ireland.pdf
Tatanua, Malangan, Ritual, Ceremony, Honoring the dead

Figure, New Ireland & Funerary Carving, New Ireland.pdf
Figure, Fertility, Funerary Carving, Funeral, Image Banks, Social Interaction, Masculinity, Age Grade, Destruction, Reuse

Feast Bowl, Admiralty Islands & Malangan Mask, New Ireland.pdf
Impermanence, Social Relationships, Funerary Traditions and Rituals, Memory
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